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Goodman's Deli & Restaurant

400 Springfield Avenue
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922
Ph: (908) 898-0900
Fx: (908) 898-0905

Restaurant Hours:
Tue - Sat: 8:00am - 8:00pm
Sun - Mon: 8:00am - 3:00pm


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Goodman's Delicatessen & Restaurant
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Deli Platters

Having Company?

Let Goodman's do the work for your next party. 
Here's enough for 9 hungry people:

1 lb. Roast Beef
1 lb. Corned Beef
1 lb. Pastrami
1 lg. Sliced Rye Bread
2 lbs. Potato Salad
1 lb. Cole Slaw
4 Dill Pickles

All Meats and potato salad are arranged on a decorated tray.


A Real Treat!!
Our Famous "Sloppy Joes"


Three long slices of special baked Rye Bread are piled up with four (4) varieties of Tasty Meats and/or Cheese, Cole Slaw and Russian Dressing, cut into 8 wedges
--arranged on a tray with pickles.

Dairy Variety

Tuna Fish, Swiss Cheese, Sliced Eggs, Cream Cheese, Cole Slaw & Butter


Smokey Joe

Nova, White Fish Salad, Lettuce & Tomato

An Inexpensive Luxury Feast!!

And we do mean FEAST for 15 - 20 people)

A beautifully decorated tray piled high with TWENTY (20) EXTRA HEAVY SANDWICHES cut in thirds and built up in pyramid style. You won't get Bologna or Salami, but you will get...


Just to make your Mother-in-law happy, we’ll add 2 Ibs. Cole Slaw, Pickles, and 5 Ibs. Delicious, Homemade Potato Salad decorated on a tray!

"Mom" says we'll never pay off the mortgage at this price.


The Host with the Most

(For 25 friends)

Everything Artistically Decorated!

2 lbs. homemade Chopped Liver
1 (20 lb.) Turkey - carved and replaced on frame
5 lbs. Assorted Choice Cold Cuts
6 lbs. Delicious Potato Salad
4 lbs. Tasty Cole Slaw
2 large Sliced Rye
2 doz. Dinner Rolls. 1 Cocktail Rye
1 Cranberry Mold

Pickles, Olives. Tomatoes
Mustard and Russian Dressing


Gourmets Banquet

(For 50 people)

Did you ever try to feed 50 hungry people? Some commotion and boy, what a job!

             25 Ib. Turkey (carved and replaced on frame)
10 lbs. Choice, Premium Cold Cuts
4 lbs. Homemade Chopped Liver
12 lbs. Delicious Potato Salad -freshly made
6 lbs. Tasty Cole Slaw
3 doz. Dinner Rolls
3 large, Sliced Rye Breads
1 Cocktail Rye
2 Cranberry Molds
Plenty of Pickles, Tomatoes and Olives
Mustard, Russian Dressing

Everything is beautifully decorated and prepared!
You'll be proud of your table!!!!!